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Tourism Employees Welfare Fund

  The Tourist Employees Welfare Fund

The Tourism Employees Welfare Fund has been set up under the the Tourism Employees Welfare Fund Act 2002 to provide for the social and economic welfare of employees of tourism enterprises and their families.

Therefore, the objects of the Fund shall be to set up schemes and projects and, generally, to carry out such other activities as may be considered desirable for promoting the welfare of employees of tourism enterprises and their families.



The Tour​ism Employees Welfare Fund operates around 15 schemes consisting mainly of educational grants, social grants and soft loans to assist the employees in improving their quality of life and meeting the educational expenses of their children.

It also organizes training programmes and leisure activities for the benefits of its members.


  Welfare Schemes - TEWF

The aims of the fund are to set up schemes for promoting the welfare of employees of the tourism enterprises and their families. The following schemes are now operational:


(i) a one-off-grant of Rs 2000 to the children of employees who score 20 units at CPE level;

(ii) death grant of Rs 5000 to the next to kin of a deceased employee

(iii) Educational Loan

(iv) Marriage Gift



Any employees of the tourism sector who is a contributor to the fund can avail themselves of the welfare fund scheme.

Mode of application

(i) Fill in the appropriate Application form

(ii) Submit the application through their employers

(iii) Submit the required documents.

More details of the schemes are available on the website of the Tourism Employees Welfare Fund :