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Ministry of Tourism

Tourism Fund



Regulation made by the Minister under section 24 of the

Finance and Audit Act



1.     These regulations may be cited as the Finance and Audit Act (Tourism Fund) (Amendment) Regulations 2006.


2.     In these regulations –


“principal regulations” means the Finance and Audit (Tourism Fund) Regulations 2003.


3.        Regulation 4 of the principal regulations is deleted and replaced by the following new regulation –


4.     The object of the Fund shall be to finance –


        (a)        the implementation of –


(i) infrastructural and associated works as the Committee may determine, in connection with tourism and tourism-related development projects, sites and attractions in Mauritius,


(ii) infrastructural and associated works, and social amenities for the benefit of the inhabitants of the areas in which the tourism and tourism related projects are being developed, or in such areas of importance to the tourism industry as the Committee may determine; and


(b)    the development and maintenance of tourism and tourism related projects, including but not limited to eco-tourism and cultural-tourism.


Made by the Minister on 15th February 2006.

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