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A  leading and sustainable island destination.




  • To  propel the tourism sector as a key engine of growth.

  • To  enhance the visibility of Mauritius as a top class tourist destination in traditional, emerging and new markets.


  • To  broaden the tourism product portfolio to include eco-tourism, spa and wellness tourism, cruise tourism, cultural tourism, business tourism and sporting events. 


  • To  promote Mauritius as a clean and safe tourist destination.


 Aims and Objectives


  • To assist in tourism planning through the development of tourism policies and preparation of long-term plan.

  • To extend support for the development and upgrading of tourism structures and infrastructure.

  • To work in close collaboration with all its stakeholders, including international organisations for the development and promotion of sustainable tourism.

  • To appraise and monitor tourism projects.

  • To elaborate and implement standards, norms and guidelines for tourism activities.


To formulate legislation to regulate the tourism sector.


  • To create awareness on the importance of sustainable tourism development and support enterprises in their drive to be environmentally compliant.

  • To prepare and provide statistical data and information on tourism matters.

  • To make leisure and recreational activities accessible and affordable to the population at large.


Our Core Values


Integrity... We are guided by the highest standards of professional ethics.


Quality... We are result-oriented and committed to providing services of the highest quality to our customers.


Transparency... We operate in a consultative and transparent manner.


Timeliness... We  are responsive and make every effort to meet set targets.


Teamwork... We  foster teamwork and value mutual trust and respect.


Honesty... We always act in good faith and are trustful.


Justice... We adhere to the principle of natural justice.


Objectivity... We favour meritocracy and base our decisions on rigourous analysis of evidence.