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The Tourism Authority was set up as a corporate body under the Tourism Authority Act 2006 to sustain the development of Mauritius as a high quality and safe tourist destination.
The objects of the Authority are, among others, to promote the sustainable development of the tourism industry, and foster and encourage the conduct of activities in the tourism industry in a responsible manner in order to preserve the integrity of the Mauritian destination.




  •  Issuing and renewal of :


    •           Tourist Accommodation Certificate for Hotels, Tourist Residences, Guest Houses and Domaines

    •           Tourist Enterprise Licence for tourist related activities

    •           Pleasure Craft Licence for commercial and private use

    •           Skipper Licence

    •           Canvasser Permit to pleasure craft operators

  • Cleaning, embellishment and upgrading of tourist sites and iconic places
  • Classification of Hotels into grades starting from 2 Star to 5 Star Luxury
  • Enhancing the tourism product portfolio
  • Monitoring and supervision of tourist enterprises, and pleasure craft, skipper and canvasser activities to ensure that they comply with the existing regulations, standard, norms and guidelines



    For additional information, please visit the website of the Tourism Authority: ​